There are many opportunities to participate at the Bowling Green International Festival on Saturday September 29, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. to have enriching experiences.

Ways to participate include:

▪ Performing – Professional and amateur artists performing music and dance from other cultures are showcased on our three stages. Fill out our performers application to be featured – DEADLINE Sept 8 at Midnight.

▪ Hosting a booth – Individuals, families, organizations and businesses set up cultural display, activity, merchandise or food booths. If you are looking for a fundraiser, food in particular is very popular. Or, if you would just like to help enhance the festival, consider representing a foreign culture or hosting cultural edu-tainment activities. No Deadline. (Health Department Deadline for food booths Sept. 25). Applications here.

▪ Volunteering – Anyone can sign up for available shifts. 200+ volunteers are needed for jobs from helping children make craft projects to cleaning up the site. Many of these are filled each year by students of teachers who offer extra credit opportunities for their students. Sign up here.

▪ Promoting the Festival – Even if you are unavailable festival day you can help by spreading awareness of the event. Follow our page on Facebook and encourage your online friends to do the same. You can find a variety of promotional materials to share on our website in the Promote Us section. You can print a letter size poster to hang on your office door, community bulletin boards or the windows of your favorite businesses. There are also web versions to post on your social networking pages or blog. Links to our social networking sites are at the bottom of any page of our website.

You can download a coupon here to pass out so that your students, coworkers and friends/family can save on admission. You are welcome to send it via email, print copies or distribute it in any way you see fit. The people you pass it on to are also welcome to do the same.

On our site you can find details about this year’s event including our new Scavenger Hunt with a $200 prize for 1st Place.

For notifications, subscribe to any of our notification/informational email lists. Lists receive 1-4 emails per year with information about the Festival.