New for 2024! Dance lessons will take place indoors in the ballroom of La Gala, the building located within the festival site. There will also be room for a limited number of booths spaces for performers inside this area where performers can interact with audience members between performances throughout the day. Tables and chairs will also be available for dance performers to relax between performances and for those watching the lessons. Details are still being finalized  based on interest.  A dressing tent will also be available in the ballroom.

Dance Lessons Form

For performers interested in teaching dance lessons in our indoor space.

Describe the lessons you would like to give.
How much time would you need to complete your lessons? Be sure to include time for any preparation or organization time you would need.
How many times would you like to provide your lessons during the event?
How much would you charge to provide the lessons?
Booth space(Required)
Check here if you would like indoor booth space where the dance lessons are held. (Note: It is preferred booths remain set up from 9am-6pm but exceptions can be requested in this area. There are no display requirements as the performers themselves will be the attraction - however, display items are encouraged and you are able to sell merchandise or collect donations. There is no charge for these booth spaces.
If you checked yes for a booth inside the dance lessons venue describe your plan for the space.
Note any comments or requests (ie break time you would require between performance and lessons etc).
Application/Publicity Agreement(Required)
I have read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions of the Bowling Green International Festival as they were posted. By clicking submit I give permission for any video, recording or photographs captured of my performance at the Festival to be used for future promotions including but not limited to commercial spots, website galleries, social networking posts and promotional flyers or posters. In addition I give permission for the Festival to use images, sound clips and videos I have provided in the same ways. Do not submit this application if there is any issue with granting this permission.
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Terms & Conditions

Applications are accepted year-round for future reference. Applications that are not specific and all inclusive regarding fee requirements, or that do not represent foreign culture performances will not be considered.