All booths are invited to provide something for festival goers’ Travel Guides. You can use stamps, stickers or write in them.  Templates for flag stamps of some countries are available below.
To perform on stage visit our performer’s section.
Solicitations or circulation of information, surveys or business, religious or political materials is not permitted except within registered boothspace.

Cultural Display & Vending Booths

Complete the application for the type of boothspace below that you would like to reserve.

Cultural Displays & Free Activities

If your booth’s focus is a foreign culture display or activity based on a foreign culture and no money will change hands except in the form of a donation jar. No deadline.

Cultural Themed Merchandise

If you plan to sell merchandise representing foreign culture click below (general merchandise booths see special interest booth below). No deadline.

International Cuisine*

If you will serve food and your menu includes authentic foreign food options (general food booths see special interest booth below). No deadline.

* Food booths must also register with the Health Dept and follow Health Department regulations (Deadline Sept. 20 Anne Holden, 270-781-2490 ext. 205 / Best time to call is 8:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m., Monday – Friday).

Visit our Restaurant Discount Card section if you have a restaurant or food truck and would like to be on the card.

Special Interest Booth*

If you are a sponsor at the Humanitarian ($1000) level or above use this application. Food vendors without foreign foods or others who would like to request exemption from our foreign culture theme. No deadline, but note requests are determined only once a month by Board vote.

*Due to space constraints and audience requests, Special Interest Booths (booths without a foreign culture theme) have been discontinued with the exception of our larger sponsors. Other requests for exemption from the festival theme requirement will be considered on a case by case basis. Exceptions will be rare.

Each booth will receive 8 free admission tickets. Additional workers must purchase a ticket online (prices are lower the earlier they are purchased). The Participation Gate on College Street is the only gate equipment and supplies can be brought through. Boothspace location assignments are subject to change. All vendors and boothspace operators must check in at the Information Booth, pay any uncollected fees (if applicable), and determine their assigned location before setting up.

Park Map