T-Shirts & Merchandise

A wide variety of merchandise printed on-demand is offered through our Redbubble online store. Items feature both current and previous designs created on behalf of the BGIF.  All items are exclusive to the online store.

Our logo shirts and Restaurant Discount Cards are available year-round at Mellow Matt’s Music & More, 1200 Smallhouse Rd. Bowling Green KY.

You can also find them Festival day at the Merchandise Booth near the Fountain along with this year’s design and some of the previous designs seen below.  

Annual T-Shirt Designs

Find this year’s T-Shirt at the Merchandise Booth by the Fountain along with remaining inventory from previous years. Visit our online store for more options year-round.

Design by Janie Hunt

Janie Hunt is a visual artist from Sweeden, Kentucky located in Edmonson County. She has an Associates of Art from Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College, and soon to have a Visual Arts, Concentration Graphic Design, degree from Western Kentucky University. Currently, she is working at Imagewest on Western’s campus, but hopes to someday design merchandise and album art. Besides her work in class, she enjoys drawing horror illustrations and spending time with her pets.  Visit her on Instagram

Design by Logan Sanderlin

A father, skater, dancer and most importantly a designer! Logan Sanderlin is the mastermind mind behind Sanderlin Design Co. Originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana, Logan made a name for himself in his hometown working on logos and apparel for local businesses. In his quest for knowledge, he is constantly learning new and efficient ways to meet and exceed client expectations. Now residing in Bowling Green, Kentucky, His ambition and drive to constantly learn can fill up a room. Logan believes each failure holds a valuable lesson and can only jump start one’s skill to the next level. With over 6+ years in the design industry and a BFA in Fine Arts from Indiana University, Logan has the design aesthetic to boost any brand to success. At the end of the day Logan is not designing a logo, album cover, a flyer or any design asset; Logan is designing solutions. Visit him on Instagram @sanderlin.designs

Design by Christine Gmys

Christine Gmys earned her BFA at Clarion University of Pennsylvania with a concentration in drawing and printmaking and went on to receive a diploma in Desktop Publishing at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Her professional career began with creating large format visuals for trade show booths and later working for an advertising agency developing logos, ads, product labels, and brochures. She made the move to Kentucky when her husband accepted a job in Bowling Green and became a stay at home mom shortly after. Christine continues to design for clients seeking to customize their special event with invitations and announcements to favors, banners, games, posters and more.

Design by Madison Whittle

Madison Whittle is a visual arts student based in Bowling Green, KY. She is currently a sophomore at Western Kentucky University, pursuing a BFA in Graphic Design and a certificate in User Experience. In the logo, she wanted to encapsulate the unusual circumstances of holding the International Festival online, while also visualizing the idea that the cultural unity that the festival promotes still surpasses the limits of our screens. To see more of her work, check out her Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/madison_whittle_art/

Design by Ashley Scott

Ashley Scott is a WKU student and freelance graphic designer from Bowling Green, KY. She is studying sociology and graphic design and she graduates in May. She loved creating a t-shirt that celebrates the diversity of our city! See more of her work at www.instagram.com/ashleyscottdesigns and www.ashleyscottdeseigns.com

Art Print by Zach Preston

Zach Preston is a Bowling Green based graphic designer and student at Western Kentucky University. He has been honing his skills in printmaking and graphic design for the past several years with an innovative outlook, and a passion for constructing unique and cutting-edge designs.

Artist Statement
For these poster designs my main intention was to portray a narrative of inclusiveness and diversity through simple and modern design techniques. The use of basic geometric shapes to fill a formal compositional layout, motivated the aesthetic behind these posters with the goal in mind to appeal to any and all audiences. The entirety of the designs were created digitally, however, with the application of minimal textures and natural earth tones, it hopefully suggests a handmade feel. Most importantly I wanted these designs to have a timelessness that allowed it to connect across cultures and accentuate the vitality of the human spirit so that engagement was effortless between the design and the viewer. In the poster using a more colorful palette, each color represents the colors used in every flag around the world, blue, red, green, yellow, black, and white. I wanted combine these colors and similar shapes to show that with diversity comes connection and something beautiful that was there before.

Design by Darius Lightfoot

Darius Lightfoot

Darius Lightfoot was born in Bowling Green, Kentucky and graduated from Warren Central High School and Western Kentucky University. He enjoys digital art, drawing, photography, making music and keeping up with social media trends. View his digital art at https://www.instagram.com/thetoongod/ and his photography at https://www.instagram.com/toonagraphy/

2018 Shirt Design by Darius Lightfoot on heather navy
2018 Shirt Design by Darius Lightfoot


Design by BJ Jordan

BJ Jordan is a lifelong resident of Bowling Green who has enjoyed visiting 13 other countries and meeting people from many more. He is a WKU alumnus and graphic designer. He strongly believes in accepting and respecting other cultures, and incorporated that into this year’s design. For more information visit jordan195.wordpress.com.

2017 t-shirt design by BJ Jordan on heather gray
2017 t-shirt design by BJ Jordan


Design by Emily Harvey

Emily recently graduated from WKU in the Spring with a BFA in Graphic Design and is actively pursuing the life of a freelance artist; working on illustrative, design, and fine arts projects. Her two greatest passions in life are art and animals. Much of the inspiration behind her art derives from her childhood on a farm and spending her teen years working in an animal shelter. It is her greatest goal to create art that is both beautiful and rich with purpose.

2016 t-shirt design by Emily Harvey


Design by Kaela Ward

Kaela Ward, Bachelors of Fine Arts, WKU, 2015: As Twyla Tharp wrote, “Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.” This quote really hit home with me since I grew up in a very small country town. I have always dreamed of having my art impact the world. In this current piece, my concept was to include both an international landscape and the state of Kentucky with splashes of color to really capture what the festival is all about.

2015 t-shirt design by Kaela Ward
2015 t-shirt design by Kaela Ward


Design by INI Printwork

25 Years of Celebrating Diversity

Bryan Bostic at INI Printworks has been our preferred source for screenprinting for years so we left our 25th anniversary design in their charge.

2014 t-shirt design by INI Printwork 25 Years of Celebrating Diversity
2014 t-shirt design by INI Printwork 25 Years of Celebrating Diversity


Design by Rachel Clark

Theme: Games Around the World

Rachel Clark graduated in May with a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design with a minor in painting. Her specialties regarding art include illustration and cartooning. Many of her influences include animals and children’s stories.

2013 t-shirt design by Rachel Clark Games Around the World


Design by Jessica Harp

Theme: Access the World

2012 t-shirt design by Jessica Harp Access the World


Design by Stephen Gray

Theme: People Helping People

2011 t-shirt design by Stephen Gray People Helping People


Design by Shane Warren

Theme: A World of Traditions

2010 t-shirt design by Shane Warren A World of Traditions


Design by Matt & Tressa Tullis

Theme: One World Many Faces

2009 t-shirt design by Matt & Tressa Tullis One World Many Faces


Design by Stacey Irvin

Theme: Love in any Language

2008 t-shirt design by Stacey Irvin Love in any Language


Design by Andee Rudloff

Theme: Lengends

2007 t-shirt design by Andee Rudloff Lengends


Design by Diane Howerton

Theme: Year of the Mask

2005 t-shirt design by Diane Howerton Year of the Mask