Scavenger Hunt

Festival Day Scavenger Hunt #bgintfestscavengerhunt

Regrettably, our first scavenger hunt has no winner. No entry could be found that followed the below requirements, particularly the first two. Participation was also much lower than expected. It was not our intention for the requirements to be complicated. We will be reevaluating them to determine if this contest should be continued and if so, how the directions could be more clear.

To Win: Be the earliest to upload the most photos to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram showing something representing a foreign culture from a Festival booth or performance group.
1st Place $200 • 2nd Place $100 • 3rd Place $50


1. Follow/like the Festival’s account on the social media platform on which you choose to play (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram).
2. Post each photo individually on your account.
3. Include #bgintfestscavengerhunt and the name of the booth or performance group in the description of each photo.
4. Post only 1 photo per booth or performance group with #bgintfestscavengerhunt.
5. Make all #bgintfestscavengerhunt posts on September 29 between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. (Only photos posted on this date and during this time will be considered.)
6. Set all #bgintfestscavengerhunt posts to public and allow public comments.
By participating in this contest, you grant Bowling Green International Festival, Inc. permission to copy and use any photo with #bgintfestscavengerhunt in promotions of the event or the contest. When possible, credits/links will accompany any photo used.
Winners will be announced by a comment on their last #bgintfestscavengerhunt submission and on our website/social media the first weekend in October. Entries that do not precisely follow the rules below will not be counted.
We’d love to hear from you.  Comment on and share our #bgintfestscavengerhunt post if you intend to play or know someone who might be interested. Please include #bgintfest on photos from the Festival you post that are not entries in this contest.