WNKY Television, a long time supporter,  announced that the Bowling Green International Festival will take place in person September 25, 2021.  The June 3 piece by Krista Garrison is available on their website and reads:

Representatives with the Bowling Green International Festival have announced the event will be in person again this year.

Last year, the festival was held online due to the pandemic.

Some of the online portions are still going to continue because of their success such as the online art show and some activities for kids.

But the event itself will be held downtown in Circus Square Park and will include dancers, food, venders and much more with vendors representing over 30 different countries.

The goal of the event is to bring people together and celebrate different cultures within our community.

“Just seeing all of the diversity that’s in Bowling Green come together, it’s a very unique event. It kind of feels like you’re on the streets of New York or something. There’s such a, I don’t think people are aware how much diversity we have in Bowling Green until they’re in the park and seeing it,” said Kim Mason, the executive director of the Bowling Green International Festival.

The Bowling Green International Festival will take place Sept. 25 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Visit their website to view the video version: https://www.wnky.com/bowling-green-international-festival-will-be-in-person-again-this-year/