Anyone can watch performances at the Virtual Bowling Green International Festival presented by Vid Monster Productions from their home by going to on September 26, 2020 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. And, it’s FREE!

Who can perform?

Our stages showcase performances representing traditional foreign cultural performances as well as modern performances heavily influenced by multiple cultures. So you may see anything from traditional Indian dance to Celtic Bluegrass. Since 100 dancers can’t social distance, some groups will be smaller than at our in-person events where very large groups are presented.

How is a virtual performance created?

We have partnered with Vid Monster Productions who offer several ways to assist musicians and dancers with their performance.

  • Performers can submit their own self-created, finished video.
  • Vid Monster can instruct performers remotely as they film themselves and edit their footage into the final video.
  • Performers have the opportunity to be professionally filmed by Vid Monster Productions in an open-air studio with Covid mitigation protocols in place.
  • Vid Monster Productions can remotely record performers (up to 6) who are each alone in their own home and edit them together.
  • Finally, a performance can take place live over the internet.

All of these methods will be used for the Virtual Bowling Green International Festival presented by Vid Monster Productions on September 26.

How can I be included?

Fill out the application at to be considered. Fill it out as soon as possible, as time is running out! You will get an answer quickly. Once accepted, Vid Monster Productions will contact you about how best to create your virtual performance!

Are there other ways to participate?

The Virtual Festival will include a variety of options in addition to performances. We are looking for participants to create virtual cultural display, food or merchandise booths, submit recipes, submit artwork and more. Visit for more information.