The BGIF Board proudly presents its new logo for the Bowling Green International Festival created by Will Kronenberger of Sublime Media Group.

2021 Board President, Kayla Bitner explains, “The Bowling Green International Festival logo has become a touchstone visual for our yearly event. However, we wanted to demonstrate our growth through an updated design. The festival is more inclusive, modern, and fun than ever before. I feel this new logo honors the spirit of our old design while embracing the changes we’ve experienced since we debuted it many years ago.”

Kronenberger, who used his 15 years of attending the event as inspiration for the design remarked, “To me, the festival is all about inclusion and learning about cultures from all around the world, so I started out with the idea of the globe. I also kept in mind that the previous logo had been around for many years and had a special place in a lot of people’s hearts, so I kept a very similar text treatment for “International” and modernized the rest of the text to give it an updated feel. I kept the colorful aesthetic by tying in variations of colors you would commonly see in the flags of the many countries represented at the festival.”