Franne JenningsFranne Jennings is an active member of both the Bowling Green International Festival Board of Directors and the Community Planners.  If you notice someone repairing banners at 3 a.m. that would be Franne!

Franne supervises the Gates festival day as well as the crew that assembles all our banner structures and signs onsite.  Franne also coordinates with Mellow Matt’s Music and More to provide a pre-festival source for tickets as well as a source for Restaurant Discount Cards and T-shirts throughout the year. One to jump in wherever she sees a need, she also has a hand in many other day to day activities involved in organizing the event throughout the year. Franne is also the driving force behind the Festival’s efforts to recycle trash onsite.

Franne has also made the Bowling Green International Festival a family affair.  Her youngest child, Emma Thomas served as a Community Planner since she was 13 and her oldest, Robin Sunderland is the host of the Diversity Stage.

Franne’s job is as a night manager for Papa John’s on Russellville Rd. There she contributes to the company by coming up with creative ways to serve the community such as maintaining separate utensils which have no contact to pork for their customers whose religion prohibits eating it.

In her spare time Franne travels as much as she can to spending time with her four children.  A music lover, she also sees as many local shows as possible.  She has been a contributor the Amplifier for many years, writing about local bands and helping them utilize the promotional offerings.  She is also an animal lover, environmentalist and an avid garden and practitioner of companion planting.

You can become part of the Bowling Green International Festival by visiting the volunteer section of our website. The Festival takes place September 30 this year from 9am – 6pm. Stop by and say “hi” to our many volunteers in our festival booth areas! For more information visit: