David HallDavid Hall applied as a volunteer helping with the site three years ago and for the last two he has served as Assistant Site Manager and a Community Planner.

David helps to be sure the site is set up correctly, runs smoothly and oversees teardown. When he’s not helping vendors or troubleshooting site issues during the day you can find him shooting photographs of the event.

David is currently a freelance writer, editor and photographer. He enjoys cheering on his nephew’s ball games and shooting photographs of them.

He is also an avid music lover and attends live shows whenever possible.

You can become part of the Bowling Green International Festival by visiting the volunteer section of our website. The Festival takes place September 30 this year from 9am – 6pm. Stop by and say “hi” to our many volunteers in our festival booth areas! For more information visit: www.BGInternationalFest.com