Amy MillikenWarren County Attorney Amy Milliken has been a Community Planner and Chair of the BGIF K-12 Student Poster Contest since 2001. Along with Kasey Davis and other members of her office, Amy solicits and collects entries, judges the entries and makes arrangements for winners to be recognized at the opening ceremony of the Bowling Green International Festival.

Amy was sworn in as the first female Warren County Attorney in 2004. In addition to her regular duties as WC Attorney, Amy has, among many other things, created a web site for the office, thus giving the public greater access to her office and hired a County Attorney Detective to promote more effective prosecution. Amy is currently working on developing a program to prevent truancy among children in the local school systems.

Amy is a water bug, so in her free time she spends every moment she can with her family at a lake swimming and boating. She has three daughters and is married to attorney Wes Milliken.

You can become part of the Bowling Green International Festival by visiting the volunteer section of our website. The Festival takes place September 30 this year from 9am – 6pm. Stop by and say “hi” to our many volunteers in our festival booth areas! For more information visit: