The Bowling Green International Festival learned this week that along with other nonprofit agencies, they must find money expected from the City elsewhere. Traditionally the City funding represented 1/3 of the festival budget, however that had been decreasing in the past few years (from $10,000 through the 90’s to $6,000 in 2008).

With the loss of City funding as well as the declining gifts of local businesses due to their own loss of discretionary funds, the festival is looking to festival attendees and supporters to help maintain the event.

Several ways which individual can support the festival include: making an individual donation and recruiting supporters to our Facebook and Myspace cause pages, buying merchandise in our online store, buying and/or selling coupon cards, becoming a sponsor or buying an ad in the festival newspaper.

Those who cannot afford to donate can still help the festival by becoming a fan, friend or follower on their favorite social network site (FacebookMySpaceTwitter or our blog) and helping to promote the festival.

Visit the festival’s website for more information.

Read more about how local agencies are effected by the City funding announcement in the Daily News.