The BG International Board of Directors welcomes Franne Jennings as its newest member.   Franne and her daughter Emma Thomas began volunteering for the festival in 2010 serving as Co-Chairs of the USA/Passports booth and Cultural Displays committee saying she became involved, “to honor my dad who always impressed on me to stretch out my hand to those new to our country.”

Franne is the mother of four and the Assistant Manager at SPG #37 (Papa Johns).  She and daughter Robin Lee have recently created their own business called Finding Happiness Growers which supplies fresh herbs and peppers to the area.  She is also founder of Diver Productions which handles the PR for her business as well as her art, jewelry, scrapbooks and cooking contests.

A visual artist, Jennings has long been a supporter of local arts both as a fan and as a writer for publications including The Amplifier since the mid nineties.  Though she has lived in 5 major cities and 7 states, she considers Bowling Green home.