Each year, an audience favorite at the Bowling Green International Festival are the Passport Country Tables.  Visitors get their passports at the USA/Passport Booth and travel to country booths throughout the park collecting stamps of each country’s flag.

Scotland by Bill Hockensmith, Glasgow Highland Games

Festival supporters have written us repeatedly about how much they love the passport program and some even save their children’s and their own books as keepsakes.  Our visitors like to spend time at each passport display learning more about the featured country.  Even families without children participate in this program.

If you are interested in creating a country passport display fill out the application at – www.bginternationalfest.com/boothspace/apply-country_passport.html

To participate you must apply by August 30.  Other types of booths can be added later, but Country Passport Tables must be assigned in time to create the passport books.  Note – you can create a cultural display booth even if another group is presenting the same culture.  However only one display per country is included in the passport book.