sam-mike_shannonI had the honor of my first interview with Mike Shannon of WKLX SAM 100.7 FM this morning. I filled him in on the activities, entertainment, displays, food and merchandise that will be featured this year at the Bowling Green International Festival.

Mike’s interviews keep you on your toes! He put me through his “squeeze box”, which is answering a bunch of questions in 60 seconds and chatted about everything from tipping at a drive through window to my roommate’s paranormal beliefs and the best time of day to post festival banners and signs.

We also got a chance to tape some promos for the BGIF to be on SAM 100.7 as well as WOVO 106.3 FM.

Both stations are sponsoring the Bowling Green International Festival. Listen to either for ticket give-a-ways between now and the festival on September 26.