Host a Festival Booth

NOTE: Kentucky now requires nonprofits to add sales tax of 6% to booth fees. 

Visit our performer’s section if you would like to perform on stage.

Solicitations or circulation of information, surveys or business, religious or political materials is not permitted except within registered boothspace.

Cultural Display & Vending Booth Applications

Complete the application for the type of booth space below that you would like to reserve.

Provide something for festival goers’ Travel Guides (optional). Use stamps, stickers or write in them.  Create your own flag stickers using our templates.

Cultural Displays & Free Activities

For booths focusing on education about a foreign culture using displays or free activities. No sales permitted. No deadline.

Cultural Themed Merchandise

For booths selling merchandise/services representing a foreign culture. No deadline.

International Cuisine*

For booths serving authentic foreign foods. No deadline.

* Food booths must also register with the Health Department and follow Health Department regulations (Deadline Sept. 26 Anne Holden, 270-781-2490 ext. 205 / Best time to call is 8:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m., Monday – Friday).

Visit our Restaurant Discount Card section if you have a restaurant or food truck and would like to be on the card (There is no cost or menu requirements to be included).

Special Interest Booth*

For booth without a foreign culture theme, whether selling or not. No deadline. Due to space constraints and audience request, acceptance is rare with the exception of sponsors at the Diplomat ($2000) level or above.

Terms & Conditions (All Booths)

The festival Board reserves the right to reject any application or turn away any setup on-site that is not what was described in an application or is problematic in any way.

Cooperation with festival volunteers is expected at all times.

Space is limited, please do not request more than is needed for what you are doing. Except under special circumstances free booths are limited to 1 space and paid booths are limited to 3 spaces. 

Inform us as soon as possible if you are unable to attend as we run out of space and have to turn away applicants. If you need more booth space than you put in your application be sure to request it as soon as possible as it won’t be available by event time. 

You agree to the following requirements when you submit this application:

Do not call for booth space locations, they will be provided at check-in. Check-in at the information booth before beginning set-up. You can check-in from 6:00-9:00 p.m. Friday night. Saturday morning check in begins at 7:30 a.m.

Complete booth setup no later than 9 a.m.

Keep your booth open and staffed 9 a.m.- 6 p.m.

Ice will be available on site starting at 7:30 a.m. Saturday. A 22lb bag is $5.

Remain within your booth space. No roaming solicitation allowed, including on the sidewalk near your space. Do not set up tables, displays, racks, tents or umbrellas outside of your booth space area.

Do not bring a vehicle into the site. No vehicles are not permitted within the fence, except while unhitching trailers at street booth spaces. Move and park vehicles immediately after unloading. Park for free in the parking structure on College Street on the next block from the site. You may park there Friday night overnight but should park on the College street side of the structure either on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th floor.

Provide your own setup/displays such as cords (#10 or #12), tables, chairs, shelving, tents, easels etc.

All booths must face the direction they point on our site map.

Do not drive stakes into the ground.  If you need to anchor your tent, bring sandbags.

Realize that—if the content of your booth is inadequately described, misrepresented on the application or deemed inappropriate for general audiences by festival staff—you will be not be allowed to set up or will be asked to leave.  You will not receive a refund.

Vendor access is at the Participant Gate on College Street. This is the only gate you can carry supplies/equipment through after 9 a.m.

Each participating group fully registered by the Saturday before the Festival will be issued 8 tickets for workers. If you have additional people who will be actively working at your booth email to request additional tickets. Workers without a ticket will have to pay admission. (Tickets are cheaper when purchased online). Workers can use the Participant Gate for quicker entry.

Do not open or move fence sections or you will not be invited back. If you need access for loading in or out or restocking, our site management team can assist you in getting out from anywhere in the park – visit the site tent by the State Street Parking lot for assistance.

If you sell anything, turn in your KY sales tax form after the event. For more information read the explanation letter they provided and download the required form in the booth space section of our website.

Provide something for the Festival Travel Guides, a collectible booklet given out at Children’s Activities to increase audience interaction. Examples would be a stamp of a country’s flag, a sticker or writing something in another language. People seek out booths to fill their booklets. Some flag stickers can be printed using our templates in the booth space section of our website.

Each registered host will receive 8 free admission tickets for workers. If you will have more than 8 people actively running the booth contact us to request additional tickets. Workers without tickets must pay admission (note: tickets cost less if bought online in advance). The Participation Gate on College Street is the only gate equipment and supplies can be brought through.  Check in at the Information Booth, pay any uncollected fees (if applicable), and receive your assigned location before setting up on festival day.

Park Map