Virtual Gallery Walk Application

Use this form to apply to join the Virtual BGIF Gallery Walk. You will not need to submit any materials or have completed your themed work to fill-in this application. When you have been accepted and have your photos, video and descriptions ready go back to the Join the Gallery Walk page and click on the submission form at the bottom to upload your files and information. Submissions must be completed by midnight September 21, 2020 to be included.

If you have an idea that will not fit within the standard framework please let us know – we will make every effort to accommodate!  You may submit unedited video if you would like Vid Monster Productions to do the editing for you!

  • Person who can be contacted about this application.
  • Name of the gallery or studio if there is one.
  • To participate you are required to feature a new work which was influenced by a foreign culture. New work, for this purpose, means never publicly shown.
  • Give a brief general description of the type of work you do. (This will not be the description used in the exhibit)
  • Engage festival-goers by being available for live chat during some time period during the September 26 event. There will be a stage break from 12-12:30 when we will be encouraging people to visit booths to chat with participants. Let us know your live chat plan below by describing if you are interested and whether you'd like to do it only during the break or at other times too. This is NOT required.
  • Note any ideas, comments or questions you may have concerning the Virtual BGIF Gallery Walk.