Join the Virtual BGIF Gallery Walk

Showcase your gallery or studio and exhibit your artwork.

The Virtual BGIF Gallery Walk is open to all galleries, studios and artists in south central Kentucky. If you have an idea that won’t fit exactly into the standard setup – LET US KNOW! We will make every effort to accommodate.

Deadline for all materials: Monday, September 21, 2020

Requirements: Your virtual exhibit must include at least one new work that is influenced by a foreign culture. For this purpose, new work means a work never publicly shown before September 26, 2020. A caption/description referencing the cultural influence is required.

This image will be used as the first image on your slideshow for your virtual gallery/artist listing. If you submit a video it must also include a reference to your culturally influenced as well as a reference to the Virtual Bowling Green International Festival Gallery Walk.

The gallery, studio, or artist is responsible for creating and submitting their photographs and video along with writing their descriptions/captions. HOWEVER, if you are not able to edit your video you may turn in raw footage for Vid Monster Productions to edit. There will be no charge for this opportunity – but raw footage must be turned in by September 4.

Sales: Whether your work is available for purchase is up to you. If it is you can include purchasing information in your description, captions, and on your video.

Samples: If you would like to get an idea of how others approached their video for similar events visit

Each gallery or artist’s virtual exhibit includes:

1. Name of gallery, studio or artist. (Required)
2. Four links of your choice (ie website, social media).
3. A photo of the new, culturally influenced work with a caption referencing the cultural influence. (Required)
4. A photo representing your gallery, studio or you.
5. A description of your gallery, studio or you.
6. A slideshow with up to ten photos of art.
7. Photo captions describing the artwork shown are encouraged, but not required with the exception of the required piece.
8. A video (recommended length 3-5 minutes). Videos are optional, but encouraged. Videos must include the new, culturally influenced work with comments about the cultural influence and a mention of the Virtual Bowling Green International Festival Gallery Walk. The remainder of the video is flexible. You could tour your gallery/studio or talk about your work and influences or show the creation of a piece.
9. The time of your live chat availability if you choose to do one on September 26 either during a stage break when we are promoting them or some other time between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. (Optional)

Questions: If you have questions about the virtual gallery walk feel free to email Jessica Snodgrass. Click here for email.

Virtual Gallery Walk Submission From:

Please submit your materials by Monday, September 21st using the links below. Everything goes in the submission form EXCEPT your video. Videos should be submitted using the ‘Submit Video’ button.If you have questions about submitting your work please contact Jessica Snodgrass at

Your video will go directly to Vid Monster Productions so name your files using either your gallery, studio, or artist name. Name your video file(s) with the name you use to fill out your booth name (in this case your gallery, studio, or artist name).

About the Curator

Jessica Snodgrass is a local Bowling Green artist whose work focuses on silversmithing and ceramic sculpture. She has always had a passion for supporting both emerging and professional artists throughout her long-standing career in both the performing and visual arts. Her most recent curated exhibit was held virtually online entitled “The COVID Exhibit” which includes a variety of work from 41 artists and can be viewed by visiting Currently, she is working towards opening her local art studio and gallery called Flux and Flame. You can find her silversmith work under the name Kentucky925 on Instagram, Facebook, and Etsy. Snodgrass received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Atlanta College of Art in Atlanta, Georgia in 2004.