Join the 2021 BGIF Virtual Art Show

Showcase your artwork or your gallery or studio.

The BGIF  Virtual Art Show is open to all artists, galleries and studios in south central Kentucky. If you have an idea that won’t fit exactly into the standard setup – LET US KNOW! We will make every effort to accommodate.

Virtual Art Show Events

OPENING: The BGIF Virtual Art Show will open on September 6, 2021.  Visit this page to find it.

LIVE EVENT: On September 9, 2021 a Live Virtual Art Talk hosted by curator Jack LeSieur from the Downing Museum at Baker Arboretum will be streamed on the Downing Museum’s and Bowling Green International Festival’s Facebook pages.

Submission Details

Deadline for all materials: Monday, August 30, 2021.  The submission form does not have to be completed in one sitting, you can save your work and return.

Requirements: Your virtual exhibit must include at least one new work that is influenced by a foreign culture. For this purpose, new work means a work never publicly shown before September 1, 2021. A caption/description referencing the cultural influence is required.

This image will be used as the first image on your slideshow for your virtual exhibit. If you submit a video it must also include a reference to your culturally influenced as well as a reference to the BGIF Virtual Art Show.

The artist is responsible for creating and submitting their photographs and video along with writing their descriptions/captions.

Sales: Whether your work is available for purchase is up to you. If it is you can include purchasing information in your description, captions, and on your video.

Samples: Visit our inaugural Virtual Art Show for examples of the presentation format.

Each artist’s virtual exhibit includes:

1. Name of artist, gallery or studio. (Required)
2. Four links of your choice (ie website, social media).
3. A photo of the new, culturally influenced work with a caption referencing the cultural influence. (Required)
4. A photo representing you or your gallery or studio.
5. A description of you and/or your gallery or studio.
6. A slideshow with up to ten photos of artwork.
7. The title, year created and medium for each piece.
8. Photo captions describing the artwork shown are encouraged, but not required with the exception of the required piece.
9. A video (recommended length 3-5 minutes). Videos are optional, but encouraged. Videos must include the new, culturally influenced work with comments about the cultural influence and a mention of the BGIF Virtual Art Show. The remainder of the video is flexible. You could tour your studio/gallery or talk about your work and influences or show the creation of a piece.

Questions: If you have questions about the BGIF Virtual Art Show feel free to email curator Jack LeSieur at

Virtual Art Show Submission Form:

Please submit your materials by Monday, August 30, 2021 using the link below. Everything goes in the submission form but you do not have to complete it in one sitting, it can be saved and updated over time. If you have questions about submitting your work please contact curator Jack LeSieur at

Jack LeSieur, curator BGIF Virtual Art Show
About the Curator:

Jack LeSieur is the Director and Curator at the Downing Museum at the Baker Arboretum, located in Bowling Green, KY. A Brownsville, native, Jack attended WKU for both undergraduate and graduate studies (Interior Design & Anthropology ’12/Folk Studies ’14). He is an artist who enjoys a mixed media approach to creating, typically achieved through painting, collaging, printmaking, drawing, and stitching, to name a few. A classically-trained pianist (and a former violinist/violist), Jack was a charter member of the Bowling Green Youth Orchestra and has played both professionally and privately for over twenty years. Jack is proud to call Bowling Green home and enjoys working with regional artists from all walks of life. He recently launched a podcast, Art Actuel, where he interviews southcentral KY artists about their inspirations and creations. He enjoys advocating  for the arts and promoting the arts as a means of youth and social expression. Jack lives with his partner (Brent), dog (Edie), and cockatoo (Coco).