Virtual Performance Application

Once you have been accepted you will be contacted by Vid Monster Productions to make arrangements for how best to handle your performance. They can instruct you on doing it yourself from home; they can record you via Skype from home or they can record you at their outdoor location with appropriate precautions to protect your health.*

*In-person filming: Our partner, Vid Monster Productions follows CDC recommendations to protect all clients and staff including: social distancing, providing soaps and sanitizer, disinfecting equipment, wearing masks and an outdoor studio. Performers who use this opportunity to go to Vid Monster for a professionally filmed and produced video must wear a mask and social distance at all times except while performing.

  • Name of Primary Contact
  • What foreign culture are you representing? (Your application will not be considered unless your performance represents a traditional foreign culture or a modern fusion strongly influenced by one).
  • Describe your performance/music (Description should be suitable for use on our website and in promotional material if you are selected):
  • Please check all of the following you would be interested in doing:
  • How long would you prefer your virtual performance be?
  • Describe your costumes/performance attire.
  • Let us know your ideas, comments or questions.
  • Photos

    If possible provide two photos of your group - one promotional photo and one live performance photo (preferably at BGIF).

    Do not upload photos that you have sent in the past unless you have a newer one you would prefer us to use.

  • By clicking submit I give permission for any video, recording or photographs captured of this group or any of its members as part of the virtual festival to be used for future promotions including but not limited to commercial spots, website, social networking pages and posters. In addition I give permission for the festival to use images, sound clips and videos I have provided in the same ways. Please list any exceptions for which your group does not allow permission.