Host a Virtual Booth

The Virtual BGIF will feature Cultural Displays & Activities, Food and Merchandise booths.  All Cultural Display booths are free.   Merchandise and Food booth are FREE to anyone who has participated in the past 3 years.  Host as many booths as you like. 

Use the submission forms below for each booth type. Deadline for all submissions has been extended to September 21, 2020 at Midnight. 

You do not have to complete the submission forms in one sitting. There is an option to “save and continue later” at the bottom of each form. It will create a link you can use to access the form again. If you have an idea that won’t fit into the standard setup – LET US KNOW! We will make every effort to accommodate.

More information about the booth types is available below the submission form links.

Once you’ve been accepted and everything is ready submit them below. Everything goes in the submission form EXCEPT video, which should be submitted via the link below the submission form link. You may submit raw footage and/or multiple clips if you would like Vid Monster Productions to edit it for you. Raw footage must be submitted by September 7 for editing. Name your video file with the name you will use for your booth name. If you are editing your video they will continue to be accepted until September 21.

Cultural Display and activity booths can be as unique as you imagine! You might use photographs or video to show cultural items, a fashion show, a craft or game or cooking demonstrations. Cultural Displays can not link to a store but can add a virtual tip jar. If you have an idea for a Cultural Display that requires more than the booth includes let us know and we will try to accommodate your needs.

Includes these OPTIONS:

  1. Booth name.
  2. Culture(s) represented.
  3. Four links of your choice.
  4. A photo representing your organization or past booth.
  5. A slideshow (recommended 10 photos).
  6. Photo captions describing their significance are encouraged but not required.
  7. A video (recommended 3-5 minutes).

Apply as soon as possible with the “Apply for Booth Now” button at the top or bottom of this page. When you are ready to submit your files and information use the Cultural Expo Booth Submission Form button.

Promote Us

We appreciate your help in letting others that might be interested know about Festival opportunities.  More graphics like the one below that you can share on social media are available in our Promote Us section.