Virtual Cultural Expo Booth Submission Form

(Cultural Displays & Activity Booths)

You do not have to complete this form in one sitting. There is an option to “save and continue later” at the bottom of this form. It will create a link you can use to access the form again.

Cultural Expo Booth Submission Checklist:
Each virtual booth in the World Bazaar includes these options:
1. Booth name.
2. Culture(s) represented.
3. Four links of your choice.
4. A photo representing your organization or past festival booth.
5. A slideshow (recommended 10 photos).
6. Photo captions describing their significance are encouraged but not required.
7. A video (recommended 3-5 minutes).
8. (optional) The time you will be available for live chat on September 26  between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., if you would like to do that. There will be a stage break 12:00 Р12:30 to encourage participation.

Deadline for all materials: September 21, 2020.

  • Person who can be contacted about this application.
  • Name of the club, organization or business that will host this booth, if there is one.
  • What foreign culture will be represented by your merchandise? (Not all items have to represent a foreign culture as long as some do).
  • How do you want your booth listed?
  • Links

    Add up to 4 links below.
  • Photos

    Upload your photos (10 recommended). Photo captions can be entered in the space below the file upload field. Be sure to label your captions with the filename of the photo so we can match them to the correct photo. Photos must be 5 MB or less.
  • Drop files here or
  • Video

    If you have video to submit go to the booth page & click on the "submit video" button right under the link to this form. Then drag your videos into the folder.
  • Live Chat:

    Engage festival-goers by being available for live chat during some time period during the September 26 event. We will be setting stage break time 12:00-12:30pm when we will be encouraging people to visit booths and chat with the hosts. Let us know your live chat plan below by describing if you are interested and whether you'd like to do it only during the break or at other times too. This is optional.