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Benefits associated with Sponsorship Levels
bowling green international festival sponsorship levels and associated benefits when you become a sponsor

Become a sponsor of the Festival and show our community that you want to celebrate ethnic and cultural diversity, educate our residents about other cultures, promote cultural appreciation, and empower our community’s international residents!

The Sponsorship Committee can develop a customized package to maximize your goals including Presenting Sponsorship. For more information contact: or (270) 779-3830.

Sponsorship benefits your company and your employees. Use this opportunity to engage your employees by having them participate, volunteer, or attend!

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We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (Fed. ID #61-1225815). Download W9 here.

Sponsorship FAQs

Want to become a sponsor but have more questions?  Visit the frequently asked questions below for details regarding committing to a sponsorship level and the associated benefits.

There is no deadline for becoming a sponsor. When your commitment is processed your link is added to our website. However we must meet deadlines for promotional materials to be created and displayed. So, the sooner you commit, the more exposure you receive.  

Deadlines include: Jun 1: Unconfirmed sponsors from the previous year are removed from the website; Jul 19: Deadline for 1st radio/television commercials; Jul 26: Deadline for printed posters; Aug 30: Deadline for brochure & in the 2nd radio & television commercials; Sep 6: Deadline for travel guides.

You can download the festival’s W-9 here

Once your commitment form has been processed you will receive an invoice for your records. Use the link to pay online or the address to mail a check or money order. Address:  Bowling Green International Festival, Inc. PO Box 50996 Bowling Green KY 42102.

There is no minimum or maximum for donations. Donate as much as you wish. Promotional benefits are assigned to donation ranges. See chart above for details.

Submit the online commitment form. Or, download, print and mail the pdf version. Links to both can be found above.

No. Collected contact information is solely for correspondence regarding sponsorship.

Your address will not be shared. A local contact is ideal when available.

Yes. Your company’s link can be to a website, social media page, blog etc.

Most sponsorship levels include a ticket discount for the sponsor’s employees. See benefit chart above for discount amounts. It is not necessary that included people be official, full-time employees, for example those contracted from an agency can be included. 

Anyone can apply for a special interest booth, meaning a booth that does not feature the festival’s theme of featuring foreign cultures represented in our community. However, space is so limited, approval of special interest booths other than those previously accepted and those associated with sponsorship benefits go through a slow and uncertain approval process.

Applications trigger a process that ensures a booth is reserved, any special requirements are accommodated and vital information is sent ( to check-in and receive location information; how booth workers can enter free; where/when to unload for setup etc). There are more applications than available spaces. Submit the application as soon as possible to reserve your space.

Maintaining an organized event that meets audience expectations necessitates having requirements and procedures. Applicants receive many details about these procedures and requirements. Requirements examples include: where unloadeding is permitted; booths must remain operational from 9am to 6pm and how booth workers can obtain free tickets. For more information visit the booth space page here

Banners are no longer permitted in right-of-ways along the streets. We must find highly visible, high traffic locations on private property to place our banners advertising the event. Banners remain for approximately 30 days. They are picked up after the event for reuse. We have a limited number of banners and must carefully choose the highest impact locations for each side of town. 

We appreciate anyone’s willingness to let us place a banner whether or not we are able to make use of it. If you checked this box we will contact you for details about the permitted location if we are able to use it. Our crew will place and remove the banner and poles unless your company policies dictate otherwise.

We will send a promo code you can use to retrieve the number of tickets associated with your level of sponsorship. Our ticketing service is Eventbrite. You’ll receive an email describing several options for dispersing the tickets.

What does it mean to have a branded banner near a gate?

Branded banners are 2′ x 4′ color banners the festival provides its highest level sponsors. They feature one sponsor’s logo, tagline and web address. Banners are placed in a row starting closest to the entrance in the order payment was received. Once a sponsorship is paid, the sponsor may request a preferred entrance. All are highly visible, high traffic placements. Sample below:

2x4 logo banner BGEMS

Branded banners are 2′ x 4′ color banners the festival provides its highest level sponsors. They feature one sponsor’s logo, tagline and web address. Banners are displayed near one of three stages or activity areas such as the piñata bursts, Children’s Activities or Beer Garden. Sponsors may request their preferred placement from what remains available once payment has been received. All are highly visible placements in high traffic locations.  Sample below:

2x4 logo banner BGEMS

Stage hosts are provided the list of sponsors who receive this benefit. They are instructed to mention them “whenever possible throughout the day” as they introduce performers.

Traditional media advertising refers to advertising packages with local television, radio, newspapers or magazines. We place, schedule and  provide all content for these. The festival is privileged to receive various additional promotional considerations from a variety of sources.  It has no control over that content. Examples include articles, discussion by radio personalities, public service announcements, blogs and statements or advertising by our partners and participants. Sponsors are not on social media graphics due to space constraints.

Linked logos of all our top sponsors are placed in the footer of our website so that they appear throughout the site’s pages. They are grouped into levels with the logos in each level larger than those in the level below it. There are a few places on the website where the footer does not appear such as on forms, popup windows and links to pdfs or other files.

The top three levels of sponsorship include one free special interest booth space. Others may apply for booth space. Due to limited space, special interest application approval is slow and uncertain. 

You must fill out the special interest application found here. to use included booth space.  Space is limited and fills up. Submit the application as soon as possible. After your application is processed you will receive detailed information about booth space.

Sponsors indicated in the benefits chart above will be included in a graphic containing all the sponsors in the same level with thanks for making the festival possible. In addition, those in designated levels also have their logo featured alone on a graphic with thanks for making the festival possible and their level of sponsorship. These are posted in September on Facebook, Instagram and X.

Sponsors of several levels are listed by name or logo on the festival poster. See benefits chart above. Posters hang in business establishments around Bowling Green. They are distributed digitally via email, displayed on our website and posted on social media. View the most recent poster here. 

Sponsors in several levels receive a ticket price discount for employees. The benefits chart above shows discount amounts. Sponsors will be emailed a promo code to give to employees to get the discount on Eventbrite when they purchase tickets. Instructions will be sent with the discount code. It describes how employees can purchase and use their tickets. The employer can also print and hand tickets out or email them as pdfs. Directions for all options will be provided.

The opening ceremony kicks off the festival at 8:45am on the Diversity Stage. Festival amenities are described. Trophies are awarded to student poster contest winners. And, sponsors are thanked. Sponsors from levels with this benefit in the chart above are named.

The back cover of these handouts lists all sponsors using their name or logo depending on their level. Sponsors are grouped into levels with their names/logos increasing in size as the level increases. 

Travel guides are provided at Children’s Activities. They contain pages for autographs, stickers, stamps or other items from cultural display booths.

Trifold brochures are provided at the information booth. They contain stage schedules and other festival information. A pdf version is also available. A QR code linking to the pdf is located on festival area banners and other signs. The brochure is also distributed digitally through the website and our social media.

The most recent brochure can be viewed here.

The sponsorship page is a main page on our website located here.  Beginning with the highest level, sponsors’ linked logos are grouped with others of the same level. As they descend the logos are slightly smaller than those on the previous level. The bottom levels have a text name with a link instead of a logo.

The festival runs several booths for information, merchandising, activities and festival management.  Each of these is in a highly visible area. A 4′ x 8′ banner is in a frame above the tent which includes the name of the tent/area and information as well as our restaurant card participants and sponsors. Logos are used for most levels.

Areas include: Information Booth, Merchandise Booth, Children’s Activities, Piñata Bursts, Beer Garden, Volunteer Tent, Site Tent as well as three entrance gates. Also, the Diversity, Heritage and World stages all have a tent for the host and performers next to them with similar banners.

Banners must be ordered. So, sponsorship commitment must be completed by mid-September to be included. 

Below is an example from the 2024 Information Booth:

Festival information booth banner from 2023 with sponsors and restaurant discount card participants