Culture Themed Merchandise Application

  • Name of the club, organization or business that will host this booth. (Vendors/exhibitors registered/paid by Noon the Saturday before the event will receive 8 free admission tickets. Additional workers must pay the nominal admission fee of $4).
  • Person who can be contacted about this application.
  • What is the foreign culture people will learn about from your booth?
  • Put foreign culture themed merchandise at top of items listed.
  • Each space is 10' x 10'
  • Limited electricity is available and must be reserved in advance. Do not request electricity for radios or other equipment that can be battery operated. Electric fees apply to free booth spaces and are: $25 for 2 110 outlets; $50 for 4 100 outlets; $50 for 1 50 Amp (3 prong) outlet. Electricity requests can not be cancelled after September 1. WKU ISO pays the fees for their members - if you checked ISO above we will request they pay your fees.
  • List all items that will be plugged into requested outlets. Items not listed will not be permitted unless additional outlets are available for rental. Power strips are not permitted.
  • Boothspace fees are:
    • Business/Professional Vendors: $125 for first 10x10 space and $75 each additional 10x10.

    • Non-profit/Student/Non-professional (has tax-exempt status or is a local organization that will participate in 3 or fewer events this year and has no business affiliations): $75 for first 10x10 space and $50 each additional 10x10 ft. space.

    • ISO members: Fees are paid by ISO once approved for students & student organizations that are ISO members. Fill out all form information, including fees and we will put in a request for ISO to pay your fees. Also, contact their office for more information -
  • What type of booth setup will you bring? No setup items are provided. No tables or other display items are available for rent on site. (ISO members contact the ISO office for information on tables and chairs).
  • Are you requesting permission to play music at your booth? (Sound can not be loud enough to interfere with talking or music at nearby booths).
  • Will you have any demonstrations at your booth? (No demonstration can obstruct traffic to surrounding booths in any way. Stage time can be requested through our Performance Application in the "Participate" section of the website.)
  • If yes above, describe the demonstration you would like to do.
  • List any additional information or requests.
  • A number you can be reached evenings & weekends.
    Format: (###) ###-####

Terms & Conditions

Apply early, there is not a deadline for boothspace but space is limited.

You agree to the following requirements when you submit this application:

Complete booth setup no later than 9 a.m.

Keep your booth open and staffed 9 a.m.- 6 p.m.

Do not bring a vehicle into the park site.

Apply for additional space if you need more than 10ft x 10ft. Displays must be appropriate, neat and conform to the space allotted.

Provide your own setup/displays such as tables, chairs, shelving, tents, easels etc. (ISO provides tables and chairs for their members, contact the ISO office for more information –

Remain within your booth space. No roaming solicitation allowed, including on the sidewalk near your space.

Do not drive stakes into the ground. If you need to anchor your tent, bring sandbags.

Realize that—if the content of your booth is inadequately described, misrepresented on the application or deemed inappropriate for general audiences by festival staff—you will be not be allowed to set up or will be asked to leave.  You will not receive a refund.

Do not call for boothspace locations, they will be provided at check-in.

Check-in at the information booth before beginning set up. You can check in from 6:00-9:00 p.m. Friday night. Saturday morning check in begins at 7:30 a.m.

Enter—and instruct your workers to enter—through the Participant Gate on College Street. Registered vendors/exhibitors paid in full before 6pm the Wednesday before the event will receive 8 free admission tickets. Additional workers and workers for those missing the deadline must pay the nominal admission fee of $4. There is coupon available on the website.

Provide something for the festival Travel Guides, a collectible booklet given out at the information booth. Examples would be a stamp of a country’s flag, a sticker or writing something in another language.

Turn in your KY sales tax form after the event whether or not you sold anything.