2013 Performers Application & Contract
The Bowling Green International Festival will take place September 28, 2013 9AM-6PM on Circus Square Park in Bowling Green, Ky.

Applications accepted year round.
Applications that are not specific & all inclusive regarding fee requirements or
that do not represent foreign culture will be discarded.


Contact Name: Group Name:

Address: City: State: Zip:

Phone (day) (night)

Email: Website:

What foreign culture are you representing? (Your application will not be considered unless your performance represents a traditional foreign culture or a modern fusion strongly influenced by one).

Describe your performance/music (Description should be suitable for use on our website and in promotional material if you are selected):

Send a picture, recording and any promotional materials useful in selection and promotions unless they are available on a website you listed above. If you provide an MP3 we will submit it to local DJs for radio play. MP3's will not be posted publically.

In order to include more performers, we have several performance areas. Please check each area where it would be possible for you to perform:

  • 24' x 20' stage with (Full PA, 24 channel board & monitoring system).
  • 20' x 16' stage with (Full PA, 16 channel board & monitoring system).
  • On the grass in front of a stage
  • 16'x12' stage (Small PA, microphones, cd player)

Our performance lasts at least and not more than .

Our preferred performance length is .

We would like to perform number of times during the day.

How many people will perform? .

Will performers be in costume?

  • If yes briefly describe costumes:

Is there a charge for your performance?

  • If yes, list total performance cost including all travel expenses (If your answer is not specific & complete the application will be discarded.): $ .

Additional Information: Tell us any additional information or requests that we need to take into consideration, such as if the times you are available are limited due to other commitments or travel, etc .

Each performing group will be on a guest list so that they do not have to pay admission - please list the people performing and support crew to be included. Any names not provided before September 1 will have to pay $4 admission (unless 12 or younger):

By clicking submit I give permission for any video, recording or photographs captured of this group or any of its members at the festival to be used for future promotions including but not limited to commercial spots, website, social networking pages and posters. In addition I give permission for the festival to use images, sound clips and videos I have provided in the same ways. Please list any exceptions for which your group does not allow permission.

Click the button to submit application:

Bowling Green International Festival
P.O. Box 50996, Bowling Green, KY 42102-4296 • 270-904-6339

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